“Our Orlu Project” Organisation; the campaign body of Comrade Precious Nwadike Friday approved the nomination of Comrade Greg Nwadike as the Director-General of the Organisation.

Comrade Greg Nwadike who is from Uzoubi-Umuna in Orlu Local Government Area of Imo state is also the Executive-Director of The New Deal Initiative; the Founder of Nigeria Without Borders Organisation (NIWBO); Founder of AfriYouth Aid and the Chancellor of Odududike United Forum (OUF); all NGOs that have been building empowerment for youths and aged in society and in the UAE.

He is also the publisher of an Abuja based tabloid known as AbujaExclusive Newspaper as well as two other international magazines – Profile International and Change Blazer.

A blogger and Social media expert, Nwadike is also the publisher of an online news medium known as and was also the former Supervisor for Youths and Sports in Orlu LGA under the Dr. Ikedi Ohakim’s administration in Imo state. He was also an aspirant for the Imo State House of Assembly in 2015.

As a professional image maker and Public Relations expert, Comrade Nwadike had variously served as Director of Publicity to many political and corporate organisations such as the Hope Uzodinma Campaign Organisation (HUCO) in 2015 and the Goodluck Jonathan Presidential Campaign Organisation where he served as a member of the Sub-Committee on Publicity in Imo state also in 2015.

Comrade Greg Nwadike during a Save-A-Sight Project of the Odududike United Forum (OUF) 2017

In a letter of appointment to Comrade Greg Nwadike personally signed by the aspirant, Comrade Precious Nwadike  and obtained by, the new DG was described as a “determined, progressive and vibrant youth activist whose activities and encouragements to Orlu youths have helped in the shaping of mindsets and psychological development of Imo youths.

“You have been with me in the struggles for the motivation of our youths. You had also paid prices, including being adopted and detained illegally by the operators of the present administration in the state all because they see your writings and associations with Imo students as threat to their governments.

“We have both shared beliefs that our youths should no longer be used as instruments of thuggery and criminal activities by our political leaders, thus our decision to lead by example. While many had erroneously believed that we share biological or even communal identities which we do not, I still however regard you as my brother from another mother and town as we tend to have come a long way understanding each other.

“This is why I have today entrusted you with the project of being my Director-General in this onerous task of my seeking to run for the senatorial race of the Imo West senatorial district (Orlu zone).

Comrade Greg Nwadike

“I believe that together and through the collective efforts of Orlu youths, missionaries, pensioners and other bodies now aligning with us, we shall succeed in this project and together we shall set our generation and future ones on the part of progress and development”, Precious Nwadike wrote.

At the meeting yesterday, Comrade Greg Nwadike accepted the offer, promising to do his best in delivering his expectation.

He announced that they were not going to be confrontational or abusive to elders.

“We are going to humbly appeal to our aged fathers and mothers who are today our “political leaders” to allow us this chance to contribute to the development of our zone, our state and our country Nigeria. We agree that they have done their best just as they also agree that many of them are now way back the global digital mentality.

“So, we are going to assure them of proper attention. We are not going to be confrontational except where they drive us to it. In that case, we shall have no option than to snatch it from them”, he added.

He assured that activities from the Organisation would soon be rolled out to the chagrin of many who currently believed that they were joking.

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