It was Walter Rodney who said ” When a child or the young of any animal species ceases to be dependent upon its mother for food and protection, it can be said to have developed in the direction of maturity”. Against the backdrop, in as much as no one is an Island, we need each other for well balanced social intercourse, there is no gainsaying to putting it clearly that Hon Uche Nwosu is solely depended on Rochas Okorocha for biological and political survival.

According to Governor Rochas Okorocha, Hon Uche Nwosu was picked up on the street of Owerri as an unemployed graduate in 1999. He said that he employed him as his personal assistant that was helping him in domestic matters. The work Hon Uche Nwosu was humbly doing until 2011 when Rochas Okorocha won election and he was appointed the deputy chief of staff.

Prior to that, Hon Uche Nwosu as a domestic staff to Rochas Okorocha was in a serious romance with the first daughter of his boss over his productivity in discharging his duties to the children of his boss as a domestic worker. Owning to the fact that he had no financial capacity to approach the Okorocha’s family for their first daughter’s hand in marriage as he was barely paid the agreed monthly N40,000 salary, he waited patiently until the time was ripe in 2012.

Close sources confirmed that Hon Uche Nwosu was able to get married to Uloma nee Okorocha as a result of the girl’s fondness of him as he was only staffer at home whenever her parents left for daily business engagements. Initially the girl’s father refused until his wife (Nkechi Okorocha) softened the heart of her husband and pleaded with him to elevate the guy to whatever societal strata he deems fit.

It was after the political marriage and agreements, Hon Uche Nwosu became a man after Okorocha’s heart which earned the young man the position of commissioner for Lands and Urban development, an area, Gov Rochas Okorocha has special interest as a land speculator. That signalled the genesis of Uche Nwosu political ascendency in the politics of Imo state – the major qualification is; he is first son-in-law to the incumbent governor of the state.

Anchoring on this background, Hon Uche Nwosu became a prominent cabinet member in his father-in- law’s administration ahead of everyone. Governor Rochas Okorocha started preparing him for governorship position when it became clear that there is no sane and reasonable person who would tolerate the reckless looting of public funds and properties in the rescue government administration if not the son-in-law who was tested and trusted in 2015 when he was given Imo APC governorship ticket which was secured and later handed over to the father-in-law who returned from Abuja where he went to try his luck in APC presidential primary election as usual.

Hon Uche Nwosu as a complete stooge and extension of Governor Rochas Okorocha contested as (arranged) and won Imo state APC governorship ticket- a position he freely relinquished to his master with the lamest excuse of family pressure to discontinue in the electoral process.

Governor Rochas Okorocha never trusted his best acolyte and loyal friend, Prince Eze Madumere whom he conspired with to remove his first term deputy, Chief Jude Agbaso as power could turn a political imbecile to a tiger thereby he made an arrangement with the man who married his first daughter as his surest bet.

Hon Uche Nwosu became stupendously rich when his father-in- law introduced him to land speculating business as the young man was manning the ministry of lands and urban development where the dou appropriated public lands to their exotic taste and satisfaction. It was during the period his father-in- law started to prepare him to take over as the only trusted ally who could protect their common interest at all cost.

Governor Rochas Okorocha made his son-in-law popular among his friends and political allies and allow him free access to Imo state public fund. He took him to northern Nigeria where he has many monarchies as friends and one of them in Bauch state turbaned Uche Nwosu as Dansunki.

Hon Uche Nwosu broke record in the history of state government operations in Nigeria as the only chief of staff to an incumbent governor who formed and funded state political structure (Ugwumba movement, Ugwumba vanguard and I believe movement) while in office. He hosted a state football tournaments that comprised all the 27 Imo LGAs as he became a pretentious philantropist when he had no company, business organization and no known gainful employment if not personal assistant before he was appointed deputy chief of staff in 2011. In fact, he was reported to have sat for and failed woefully the 10,000 job examination during Dr. Ikedi Ohakim’s administration fast forwarded to 2011 when he was appointed the position of deputy chief of staff.

“Any diagnosis of underdevelopment in Africa will reveal not just low per capita income and protein deficiency but also the gentlemen who dance in Abijan, Accra and Kinchasa when music is played in Paris, London and New York”. – Walter Rodney. And Adolf Hitler said “How fortunate for governments that the people they administer don’t think”.

It is pertinent for Imo state people to understand the reason why Rochas Okorocha wants to foist his son-in-law, Hon Uche Nwosu on Ndi Imo with the latest “agburu anyi political movement”.He doesn’t trust or believe any reasonable and sane person who is of no blood relationship to succeed him. He can comfortably go to sleep with Hon Uche Nwosu’s remote control. He would be playing the music at home while Uche would be dancing it in Imo Douglas House in 2019.

Fortunately, Imo people are very wise and ready to withstand the evil plan of the Ogboko land grabber. Governor Rochas Okorocha and his son-in-law, Uche Nwosu will never go scot free with the cheer looting of Imo public funds and properties. A man who is being alleged of stealing bail out funds should not be voted for Imo governor in 2019

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