Chief Felix Chidi Idiga (JAFAC)

The business of a legislator is unique and succinctly spelt out. As members of the legislature; or lawmaking body which is a branch of the government, legislators work on making changes to existing laws or passing new legislations based on their constituents’ needs. They often serve on committees that oversee various aspects of government policies.

Most laws are developed by these committees and then voted on by the entire legislative body. From developing policies relating to the environment, infrastructural developments, education, security, etc, to passing laws that protect the communities, legislators affect people’s lives every day.


In the foregoing exposition on the ingredients of the office of a parliamentarian, one attribute stands out – The People. Any legislative business that does not have direct effects and affects the lives and wellness of the constituents amounts to personal aggrandizement, self-gratification and enrichment. An aspirant for a legislative office must understand the peculiarities of the people he/she is gunning to represent.


This is where Chief Felix Chidi Idiga is a first amongst the equals of all aspirants gunning to represent the Orlu/Orsu/Oru-East Federal Constituency. As a home-grown of this constituency, Idiga has penetrated all nooks and crannies of this constituency either through his Foundation – The JAFAC Foundation or through roads construction and explorations.


Idiga, over the years, has drawn developmental projects to his region even as a private individual. While his consciousness of the business of infrastructural development resting under the Executive is right at his finger, he however is optimistic that he can highlight important constituency priorities which can be funded by the executive.


A legislator is a law maker, no doubt, but he can only influence people – oriented projects through legislations. This can be done through sponsoring of individual bills and motions. Bearing in mind that lobbying is the greatest tool of legislators, Chief Felix Idiga is versed in all of its dynamics as can be seen in all his previous businesses and contacts.


For a man who recently released a sum of Sixty million Naira (N60m) endowment fund for the training and retraining of Three Thousand (3000) artisans in his Federal constituency and has been providing employment and empowerment even as a private citizen, no doubt these are paramount to him. For a man who as a single individual, attracted more developmental facelifts than most of the elected representatives, infrastructural equipment of the constituency is dear to him.


For Chief Felix Idiga, it is going to be all about visionary legislations. He envisages a common legislative -engineered South-East Regional Development Agenda. Erosion is our greatest threat, Chief Felix Idiga wonders what role our incumbent legislators played to give it a National outlook like security challenges in other regions. How are the Ecological Funds disbursed and expended?


For Idiga, there should be the Vision 2040 legislative mandate to link all industrial and Economic hubs in South-east with railways. If Security challenges led to tangible budgetary provision for Amnesty, Niger Delta Development Commission (NDDC) and North-East Development Commission (NEDC), why should the Senate kill the Bill seeking to establish the South East Development Commission which already scaled through first reading at the floor of the Red Chambers? Idiga seeks to re-invent this Bill when elected to the House.


For a consummate and thoroughbred representation, exploring the Chief Felix Idiga alternative remains best option for our constituency, and this we must do as it shall be well with all.


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