A socio-political organization from Orlu zone, the Orlu Political Action Committee (OPAC) has written to the sacked aide of Governor Okorocha on Urban Renewal (Orlu Mayoral Council), Ichie Uche Best Mbanaso demanding answers to questions and allegations of alleged atrocities he committed while in office.

The group among other ten weighty charges wants him to explain the whereabouts of millions of monies collected from over 20, 000 Imolites while he was on office on the claim of allotting them shops at the Old Onitsha park in Umuna Orlu.

OPAC also demanded explanations to peoples lands he forcefully collected from them on the pretence that the federal government was to build an NNPC Mega station on them, while in actual plans, building his own station.

OPAC also demanded to know his education background to enable them make accurate assessment of his aspiration into the House of Representatives, among others.

A copy of the letter said to have been published on some local print media in Imo state as well as online media was mailed to gregnwadikeblog.com and is published below.


Read the full letter here:

18th March, 2018

Ichie Uche Best Mbanaso

Former Mayor of Orlu

Umuowa, Orlu LGA



First, we sincerely sympathize with you on the shameful, reprehensible, dishonourable and embarrassing way that you were recently eased out of your exulted power-wielding office by your former principal and ally against us, Mr. Anayo Ethelbert Rochas Okorocha, the Executive Governor of Imo state.

While it lasted these six years plus, you who were little unknown even in your own community in Umuowa Orlu Local Government Area jostled yourself into the 2010 race for the office of the Executive Chairman of Orlu LGA. You were roundly defeated in that election by the PDP Chief Eddy Obioha. You also went to court to challenge that victory and was again trashed. You quickly (though smartly) aligned with the ‘Owelle Train’ when the All Progressives Grand Alliance (APGA) gave him ticket to run for the governor, and as fate would have it, Okorocha won that election and you were appointed first, the Commissioner for Commerce and Industry, and later the SA Urban Renewal for Orlu Zone (Mayor of Orlu).

Unfortunately, sir, Ndi Orlu umunne gi believe that it was at this point that the beast in you manifested and suddenly went on dangerous rampage against your own people. Results of your actions while you wielded power and undue influence are today the huge death trap scattered all around Orlu roads in the name of road construction by manual labourers. Many souls have been wasted through accidents occurring on those unplanned and undersigned road demarcations. Our youths have also taken to drugs and robbery due to frustrations. There have been mass investments in mortuaries and ambulances because of early deaths among our people. There have been massive land losses through land-grabbing by you and your allies. Demolition and destruction of our traditional identities, museums, artifacts, places of worship and markets among many other terrible and abominable pains were inflicted on our people without recompense and due process. You and your co-travelers exhibited sadistic tendencies while swimming in that ocean of wickedness.

Today, we are seeing in disbelief your fully branded campaign motors plying all over the state. It amazes us that you now aspire to go and represent these same people at the House of Representatives of the National Assembly after amassing stupendous wealth through the bloods of their loved ones whom you have destroyed while in office.

While we at OPAC have no power whatsoever to stop you from pursuing your deluded ambition through any other means other than through our votes and by persuading our people in our Federal Constituency to ignore you, we however throw some of these pertinent questions to you, demanding answers and clarifications. Perhaps your answers will help us, and our people understand you better, and possibly change your fortunes for the better at the election.

  1. You demolished the Old Onitsha Park with many lock-up shops where our people earned their living through petty trading. How many of these original shop owners were given back their shops/compensated with shop after you completed works at that site?


  1. You collected the sum of N10, 500 each from more than 20, 000 people whom you compelled to buy forms and assured of shops even before you commenced work, how much did you realize from the sale of these forms for Orlu LGA; what is the cost of that project and how many of these applicants were offered shops thereafter?



  1. Who are the true owners of those front shops and at how much have you been collecting from our poor traders as price for the shops?


  1. You collected some ancestral land of our people at the Ogbor Ji/Ideato Park. Today, a hotel building project is on-going on a portion of that land belonging to a certain “Imo Gogo” family and others. Please, have you been able to compensate owners of the land you snatched? Who is the true owner of that ongoing hotel?



  1. You demolished houses and shops of our people in almost all major and minor roads in Orlu zone, particularly Orlu LGA in the name of road dualization and expansion. Please tell us how many of such road projects have been completed and delivered?


  1. You wrote with Government Letterheaded paper to Nkume, Umuowa and Umudioka land owners along the New Orlu-Owerri road claiming that the Federal Government planned to build an NNPC Mega Filling Station on their land. You hoodwinked them and went behind through proxies to buy off those lands at very cheap prizes. Today, you are reselling some, while building a huge private filling station on a portion. Please kindly tell us when the promised NNPC Mega Filling Station is coming.



  1. You forcefully snatched the verse area of Land behind the Imo International Market in Umuna in Orlu LGA known as “Agric”. You cleared the area hitherto filled with improved palm trees claiming that the government is building a Central Park on it. But you allowed some peoples’ properties to remain while you demolished some. You have also sold off many portions of the land to friends and cronies without compensation to original owners from Umuna and Owerre-Ebeiri. Please kindly tell us the state of the promised Central Park and the criteria for re-awarding ownership of those lands to different people.


  1. You collected on behalf of the Imo State’s Government the land formally containing the Hall of Umusasa Community in Umuna. Today, work is almost completed on a Shopping Plaza in front of the market while another is ongoing at the portion reserved as car park besides the banking area in that market. His Excellency, former Imo Governor Achike Udenwa had left these areas and the former Governor Ikedi Ohakim also preserved them for what they were originally meant for. Please why have you coveted these portions, and who are the true owners of these shopping malls being developed on these portions?



  1. As a resident of the Old Owerri-Orlu road and member of the kitchen cabinet of Governor Rochas Okorocha for six years, why in your presence would flood sweep away your Umuowa community on that road, and what development have you attracted to your community?


  1. Since WAEC attempt is the minimum academic requirement for the office you are currently aspiring, please kindly furnish us at least Ten names of your class and exam mates, which year you sat for this and venue of the examination. This is important to help us help you clear the stigma of the claims in so many quarters that you are academically deficient to participate or represent our people in a legislative arm of government.

Sir, please note that these questions are not meant to deride your person, but to help give some boosts to your campaign and aspiration to represent the Orlu/Orsu/Oru-East federal constituency at the National Assembly. As you clearly understand, that arm of government is not a place for leadership bulldozers and murky land gourmands.

While we look forward to receiving your responses to these matters raised, we shall continue to a constructive watchdog group and mouthpiece of our people to ensure that our people are no more shortchanged by vipers and vampires as our leaders.

Thank you.


Yours sincerely

For OPAC membership worldwide:


  1. Comrade Chigozie Nwagba


  1. Comrade Greg Nwadike



  1. Comrade Precious Nwadike


  1. Comrade Darlington Uzoahia


  1. Comrade Desmond Ugwumba



  1. Comrade (Hon) Chika Uju


  1. Comrade Collins Ogbonna



  1. Comrade Anuniso Luke Ikechukwu


  1. Comrade UgoGold Ofonedu


  1. Comrade Sixtus Okechukwu


  1. E. C. Okafor


  1. Comrade Nwokeji



The Eze’s Cabinet, Umuowa

Council of Ndieze, Orlu LGA

Council of Ndieze, Orsu LGA

Council of Ndieze, Oru-East LGA


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