There is no other apology greater than that merit award presented by His Grace, the Archbishop of Owerri, Archbishop AJV Obinna to the former Governor of Imo state, His Excellency, Dr. Ikedi Ohakim two days ago.

The award is a Performance Award in Education and Reforms witnessed during the first term of Ohakim.

In his desire for qualitative education for Imo children and proper timely remuneration for Imo teachers, the administration of Dr. Ikedi Ohakim became the first in the entire Southeast region to hand over schools back to their original missionary owners.

Although opponents in Imo then took against that move but for the political will of the governor who maintained his stance. That move later became trend followed by other governors in the country. This move has completely addressed the issue of cultism in those schools and enhanced the quality of education in those schools.

For many Ohakimists, that award is a subtle apology to Ohakim for the crises championed from that sector which culminated into the sack of the former governor in 2011.

As a Catholic, I followed, covered and reported events surrounding allegations of the governor beating a Reverend Father, Father Eustace Okorie and roles played by my church in promoting and projecting that lie against another.

I have also been in the league of major agitators demanding apology from the very revered Bishop for his silence and actions then, and for helping in bringing about the accident we have today in Imo state. Rev. Fr. Ejike Mbaka who equally played some ignoble roles had since confessed and apologized to Ohakim. As a Catholic, we believe in confessions, and that was simply what I was demanding.

But sometimes I was harshly attacked by readers who believe that it was wrong to ask the archbishop to render a public apology. These people believe the Archbishop was infallible, and for obvious reasons they could be right. Our spiritual leaders must attempt infallibility. But we are all human beings and are fallible.

While I do not intend to go deeper into some areas surrounding that ugly experience, I am today delighted that somebody has been vindicated. I am now going to boldly return to my church which I left since then, and I will tell the world that my church’s sin against the 9th Commandment has been erased.

Congratulations to Dr. Ikedi Ohakim. History and time are vindicating you.

Comrade Greg Nwadike wrote from Orlu in Imo state and can be reached via greyviewstudios@gmail.com

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