Asiwaju Jerry Alagbaoso, Rep Orlu/Orsu/Oru-East Federal Constituency of Imo State


Leaders of our Federal Constituency,

Stakeholders, our Special Guests notably

His Excellency Rt. Hon. Emeka Ihedioha CON.,

Our Special Guests His Excellency Achike

Udenwa (Onwa) and his amiable wife Her

Excellency Dame Professor Agbonma T. Udenwa,

Our Royal Fathers, Leaders and Office bearers of

PDP in our Federal Constituency and indeed Orlu

Zone and Imo State, our Women Leaders and

Youth Leaders, Pressmen and women, Ladies and



I am extremely proud, happy and thankful for this honour of your being here in my country home for this Songs and Praises in connection with the road to yesterday.  Some people have been and are still curious to know why we are having these Praises.  My dear brothers and sisters, it is all about the rough road to yesterday.


Without sounding immodest and without showing unnecessary sign of intellectual arrogance, permit me to say publicly today and once more that I am three distinctive personalities in one – I am an educationist, a writer, a businessman and a politician.  I will therefore say like one writer that I am not afraid of tomorrow for I have seen yesterday and I love today.  I love today hence this Songs and Praises.


In fact, I look around and still count our blessings one by one.  And so what shall I say unto the Lord?  Ladies and Gentlemen, since this chance of representing our people presented itself through your votes, I have been doing my best for God and for our people of Orlu/Orsu/Oru East federal constituency of Imo State.


In fact, my whole idea of representation in the National Assembly has been nothing but a long struggle for our constituents’ welfare and to ensure that our people do not “progress backwards” in the words of Winston Churchill.


This our federal constituency belongs to all of us and everyone has a right to aspire to any or every political position.  However, we must imbibe the spirit of rules and discipline of the game of politics.  Every game has a rule it has been said.  No imposition of candidates or aspirants and nobody should parade a credential of deceit.


We are also aware that politics is not mathematics – or a rocket science business.  The above explains why we must not lose sight of the tendencies of manipulations, innuendos, negotiations and intrigues involved in that business.   No wonder in politics, perception is different from reality.  Once there is perception about one, it overrules the reality of that one or person.

I therefore still say that people or aspirant should be allowed to go to the market place of ideas and tell the electorates what they have done for them in their lives so far and what they will do for them and stop dropping names.  If the electorates are satisfied they will do the right thing.  Nobody should bring his selfish interests into our federal constituency agenda.  We must continue to show our people like I have always done and preached that there is something for them in voting.  There is something different in some of us having political powers over and having political powers for.  Political power over like some people had demonstrated in the past deals with impunity, name dropping, desperation, name calling, wickedness, regret while political power for includes actualizing  infrastructural developments like good roads, water, health, issues – based campaigns.


The picture I am painting for those who are aspiring to represent us and for our electorates, is that you must look at our records of service – no name calling, no personal attacks just name your vote catching messages or manifestoes.  The electorates must therefore be human instruments of checks and balances of the performances of their political representatives.  After all when the righteous is on the throne the people rejoice.


For me, the evidences of my performance and achievements abound in our various communities.  History will be very kind to any politician in our federal constituency who tries to make good better and better best.  Today, I walk in our federal constituency and many wards with my shoulder high.  No member of House of Representatives in the past did or achieved half of what I have achieved in the 34 wards of our federal constituency.  Name them one by one, count our blessings you will see what God has done.  It is marvelous in my own eyes.  It is not who will represent, it is who will represent us well.  It is not dropping names; it is not a matter of old things shall pass away figuratively but in reality here old things passed away?  It is time to shift from blame games.  Any person or politician who is spreading lies or who is grandstanding and dropping names to represent or garner votes, must know that every lie has an expiring date and that truth has no colour.  Truth travels slowly but it must get to its destination.


All I know is that I have a duty to my God, and my conscience to lead our constituents to more good things of life without desecrating the temple of representation.  I have always said and believed that a bird at hand that sings congruent tunes in terms of performance deserves commendation and recommendation.  I therefore leave you our constituents to your political decisions, devices and voting patterns especially during primary elections while I consult further and widely.  I am not here to market our party PDP because already PDP is Ahia Oma na Ere Onweya.  But as a PDP stalwart I am aware that my speech will be incomplete without extending special thanks to that vehicle with which some of us travelled to Abuja on your votes.  PDP provides the ladder to our various political mobilities;  therefore it will be a naked and undiluted arrogance for some of us to dare our benefactor – PDP.


Nobody as a matter of ‘party-discipline’ should be left to hold the short end of the sticks.  I therefore call on our brothers and sisters who are still outside the big PDP umbrella to please stage a comeback with good intentions, respect, love, self-reflections and due process.  It has been said that there is no victor, no vanquish to the glory of God and to the benefit of all.


Again if you have red Bill Clinton’s book entitled “Giving”, you will come across “Who is happier?  –  the uniters or the dividers; the builders or the breakers?  The givers or the takers.  My dear political leaders here present, continue to give your political gifts, wits, relevance and pieces of advice.  More so when it has been said that it is more blessed to give than to receive.


Consequently, permit me to say that the struggle for the soul of PDP sometime ago just like other Nigerian political parties, nearly degenerated to hopeless and helpless situation.  Among other Nigerian politicians, some politicians of Imo State extraction in Abuja like His Excellency Achike Udenwa, our leader Chief Dr. E.C. Iwuanyanwu, Chief Ozichukwu Chukwu, Rt. Hon. Emeka Ihedioha, former Deputy Speaker of Imo State; our political Amazon Dr. Mrs. Kema Chikwe, Distinguished Senator Hope Uzodimma, Senator Sam Daddy Anyanwu, Chief Tony Ezenna, Rt. Hon. Jones Chuks Onyereri, the only senatorial aspirant so far, via PDP yours sincerely Rt. Hon. Asiwaju Jerry Alagbaoso, Rt. Hon. Ezenwa Onyewuchi, Hon. Henry Nwawuba, Hon. Engr. Obinna Onwuabuariri, Rt. Hon. Goddluck Nana Opia, The Deputy PDP National Financial Secretary Hon. Engr. Alphonsus Ironna, Rt. Hon. Chief Chuma Nnaji, Chief Eddy Onuoha, Barr. Chris Okewunonu, Rt. Hon. Jonas Okeke, Hon. Chief Dr. Eddie Mbadiwe, Prof. Chudi Uwazuruike, Hon. Dr. Rufus Omeire, Hon. Mayor Eze, Hon. Chief ThankGod Ezeani, Chief Chinedu Chukwu Onye (Cudoc), Chief Bonny Ebiri, Barr. Strongman Nzekwe, Chief BBC and in Imo State Chief Osita Nwaneri, Barr. Dum Dum Mgbewelu, Chief Green Iheka, Chief Chineme Iheaku, Akashia Nkwerre and the Imo PDP State Exco and Working Committee under Bar. Ezekwem as the State Chairman to mention but a few, all of us rose to the situation in different blocks, styles and litigations for the PDP survival.  At the end one block won and the rest is now history.


I am pleased to say that one of the many politicians who restored the dignity of PDP at the National level is Rt. Hon. Emeka Ihedioha and he has been building bridges of political harmony and friendship across the Nation.


Hence, His Excellency Rt. Hon. Emeka Ihedioha (Omenkeafuruanya), former Deputy Speaker of Imo State is hereby called as our Special Guest of Honour for today’s event to please come with due respect to declare this Songs and Praises open coupling it with his brief political advice.  His Excellency, please.

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