Why We’re Speaking Up for Patience Jonathan – Coalition

The Coalition of Nigeria Political Pressure Groups has again expressed disappointment over the way and manner the Chairman of the EFCC, Mr. Magu is prosecuting war against the former First Family of President Goodluck Jonathan saying it is the reason Nigerians no longer take the Commission seriously.

National Coordinator of the group, Alhaji Ali Abacha in a chanced interview with our reporter said “what Magu with his EFCC is doing to the Jonathan’s family is one of the major reasons why Nigerians are not taking the EFCC seriously again. The agency has completely derailed and become one of the albatrosses of the Buhari government”, he explained.

Abacha said Nigerians had earlier thought that Mr. Magu would bring new approaches to corruption fighting, but rather what Nigerians witness daily is the use of insecticides against perceived enemies and opposition elements of the government and the PDP, while using air freshener against highly proven corrupt members of the government and the Apc.

“We noticed that one area the government has failed totally is the selective approach to the fight against corruption.  We sympathize with Magu and his EFCC because they appear uncoordinated and selective in their approach.

“We have seen properties and huge investments belonging to former presidents and their families in the country yet Magu has not summoned courage to investigate them”, he added.

He said Jonathan’s case is clearly politically motivated and it’s not good for the country, adding that selective justice is unacceptable in whatever form.

“Some May think because it’s Jonathan today.  It may be Buhari tomorrow after leaving office and we will still raise our voices. We demand that the Jonathan’s family be left alone. The President and Magu should concentrate on corrupt people and institutions that truly misappropriated public funds. Leave Mrs. Jonathan alone because there is no need for the regular intimidation, blackmail and vendetta against her family”, he insisted.

Ali maintained that his group is not just speaking for Mrs. Jonathan or her family, but purely relying on justice. He said no First Lady had been investigated in the past and wondered why this special interest on Mrs. Jonathan’s.

He explained that his group is only seeking for right things to be done, adding that the chasing around of Jonathan’s family demeans the Buhari government because it smacks of pettiness and amounts to chasing rats when a house is on fire.

He advised Magu and the Buhari government to “go for the armed robbers and leave the pick pockets. But if you must chase shadows like we are witnessing today, please spread it around”, he cautioned.


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