Outrage, as Imolites Troll At Okorocha’s Aide For Lying Against Ohakim

Imolites and social media commentators have descended on an aide to Governor Rochas Okorocha – “Rochas Pikin” for lying and spreading falsehood against the Imo former governor Ikedi Ohakim on the social media with many calling on Governor Okorocha to call the stranger element to order.

“Rochas Pikin” is said to come from one of the states in the South-South region of the country but appointed by Gov. Okorocha as one of his Social Media iades; office most of the commentators allege that he had severally used to insult and denigrate, disparage and vilify Imo elders and leaders.

Here are the writes of some of the commentators:

Amb Saviola Ikechukwu Godwyn Rochas Pikin HE Sir, do not mind the silly and spoilt gnat of a pikin. Imolites have seen through Rochas Pikin’s dead-on-arrival lies and deceit. It is only an aide of an incompetent governor that can stoop to such an abysmal low in defence of his irascible and very unpopular principal.

Hope Ekezie This is not even any defence of his principal but rather a shameless manipulation of facts! It speaks volumes on the desperation of the Rochas administration to garner support from Ndi Imo through someone with huge public support & respect as HE Ikedi Ohakim

Ikeh Chibuzor Rochas pikin has just like the name is small boy to you kindly forgive his ignorance.

Wayne Richboi Ceaser Sir, you don’t even need to write or respond to this Rochas Pikin, he’s not an imo Son as I heard he’s from Akwa Ibom State, I wonder what gave him the guts to attack industrious imo Sons. He should enjoy while it last. 1 year to go , he would probably change the name to Rochas HouseBoy👇🏾👇🏾.

Chrischuks Ogumuka His excellency, you did well by bringing this post public. No amount of blackmail against you, that will succeed, u are an honest man and come ” 2019″ God will see you through. U built quality roads etc. We are proud of you. No shaking. God bless you sir.

Okorocha Ikenna Rochas pikin is a clown who doesnt know how to defend his master…he has nothing again to defend this failed govt with thats why he is busy manufacturing malicious statements to upgrade the image of ds useless and pathetic govt…

Engr Bon Nwama I am not a fan of the former governor but that does not mean I will celebrate when someone spread false news against him. I think it is high time we start taking legal actions against people who spread lies against other people. Moreso we cannot have a bastard from another state coming to insult our leaders. It’s high time Chief Ikedi Ohakim you take legal actions. They used lies and blackmail in 2011 abd they are using it again now but it is best we nip it in the bud right now

Chiemeka Akwarandu Your Excellency, I appeal to you not give Relevance to that young man who derives Joy in insulting his elders especially Respected Imo Sons and Daughters. He has contributed in no small measure to ridicule office of the Governor owing to a consolation…See More

Igwe Odinaka Paschal That good, ohakim is a nice man,I love you God bless you,the lied against you in 2011, but this time around it wunt work for them,what is rochas achievement for you to praise him?is it the untold hardship,or the quality of good roads,or paying pensioners,or his showmanship bringing presidents of all word to imo state,still yet nothing is hapening,my exellency will not do such,by praising him

Justice U Justice No sane mind will give credit to Okorocha’s administration.

Victor Nnamdi Ekwebelem H/E sir, please don’t dignify those urchins licking Rochas spit. Everybody knows the person of Rochas and what he stands for.

Iyke George Thank You Sir for setting the records straight pls disregard the distraction

Ugochukwu Aninwe I like the words “legally actionable” soon Rochas Pikin may have to tell us when Chief Ikedi Ohakim said that in a law court you people think it is only Abdul and Watchdog you can use court to harass

Nwabiazie Cyprian Black Sir with the little that I know about you. You are bless with wisdom and ideologies. So I think you are not supposed to give audience to such a boy that was shaded by primitivity and lack of knowledge of that of the so called Rocha pikin

Chantel Adanna Chinyere Your excellency, are you still listening to this akwa ibom charlatan ?

Jonathan Amadi Nwabiazie Cyprian Black His Excellency Dr Ikedi Ohakim is simply setting the record straight before some people believe the lies like they did in 2011. If it was Nwadike Precious U or Aku Obidinma they will rush to court to intimidate them. Barr Cj is this post not actionable?

Francis C. Ahiwe Rochas Pikin is the Lie Mohamed of Imo State .

Sampson Chibuike Chukwuno Sir you don’t need wasting your precious time replying to such an efulefu called Rochas pikin. How can a grown up man change his name and that of his father just to appease his master, everyone in IMO state knows this efulefu and what his capable of doing, no one takes him serious

Debes Isabo Its High Time That Clown Is Bundled And Sent Back Akwa Ibom.

Tony Izuogu Your Excellency, thanks to our efforts, the world knows that Rochas and his pack of illiterates are a disgrace to our state, the igbos and the Black race

Chidiebere Baron-Akpaka No one takes that overfed young man serious. He is known for blackmail and uncultured statement just to drive his boss’ devilish agenda.

 Amb Stan Chidi Eze That rubbish Akwa Ibom boy. Forgive him Sir.

Nwankwo Darlington This is criminal . This child should face legal actions

Modesty Vitus M Ezenwa I hadl an encounter with Rochas Pikin and ever since then, he never crossed my path. He is not only a crook, a gutter man, a lucky chimp and a known cultist. I think he is a true son of Rochas. Like father, like son.

John Okoye Hmmmmmm, well, thank you your Excellency for setting the record straight.

Valentine Frank Sir,though it’s good u brought up this post bt to me,u should have ignored de bastard cos dis post might make him more popular

Chidiebube Okeoma Your Excellency ,you should have asked some of us to reply this guy.your reply will make him feel on top of the world. That is how he feels.

Comr Ukegbu Ukachukwu This is psychophancy taken too far.

Temple Okonji When clowns are designed in undeserving garbs, tendencies as this become daily occurrence.

And like I addressed the same Rochas Pikin in the wall of Irobi Darlington, a slave however successful doesn’t become a son or daughter in the Igbo Nation. And the said lunat can’t continue to see himself as a son in Imo State with privileges if not for the wickedness of the Imo political power holders and operators and politicians in hiring and empowering half – baked persons and quacks in public offices!!!

Despicable as it’s, one suggests that the necessary actionable activities be activated against the said person and the Government whose agent he’s, and under which cover and authority he operates!!!!!!

Indeed, Imo State has been reduced to a theatre of drama and absurdities on account of the rudderlessness of the Rochas Okorocha administration, and the continuous political conspiracies of the political operators and politicians against the people in desperation for leadership without foundation in unity of purpose, love, togetherness, forgiveness, reconciliation, reconstruction and godliness!!!!!

And further, I weep for my generation of young people who are yet to understand that it’s our collective future and destination and destiny which are been ruined and destroyed with strangers and hirelings like the Rochas Pikin and millions of ourselves……
Tears rolling uncontrollably non-stop!!!!

Grateful me always!!!!
Temple Okonji.

Twinstar Izunna Obiakor Rochas pickin has a mouth odor, he inherited from his mother’s breast because many men with mouth odor sucked his mother’s breast before she got married and gave birth to him !!!! Sekem

Dozie Dozzy We done my Governor ….. Is good to make this issue very clear to the public before the story will be Ohakim did this or that…. We are sorry for him and his master Bcos 2019 there will be no ekeukwu owerri where he will go to lick orange or Kele where he will ride on to deceive the poor imolite … we are waiting

Chinonyerem Chikezie Very unfortunate some of our youths have been misguided to the extent that they have lost touch and focus. Some are blind to see the deplorable state of this part of the country. His Excellency, please don’t get distracted.

Nwankwo Chinemerem The so called Rochas Pikin is not even from Imo and that’s why he is busy writing None sense post for Okorocha

Itz Alams Lucas Ugonna I Don’t Know Why Some Of Us (the Youth) Are Been Deceive By Insensitive And Inscrutable Rumours And Lies Strategy Use By The Present Government, To Shift Their Inability, Problem And Resonsibility To Opposition Party Just Because Their Conscience Is Telling Them That They Have Loss The Trust Of The People Both Dead And Alive; Sir Your Eclat Records Speak For You. #TEAMLET‘SDOMORE

“Rochas Pikin” had recently posted on his facebook a picture of the former Governor in shake with Gov. Rochas Okorocha taken at a public function and imputed a write-up suggesting that Governor Ohakim was praising Governor Okorocha for a job well done in Imo state.

But in a quick reaction, the former Governor on his facebook post said no-right-thinking-nigerian-should-praise-rochas-and-his-pikin-ohakim-explodes. According to him, there is every need for him to set the records straight to avoid a repetition of the event of 2011 where rumour and propaganda were used to paint him with a tar brush and truncate his administration.





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