Tuesday, 31st October 2017.
“The enemy to my enemy is my friend” is a veritable political weapon he deploys to manoeuvre opponents who unarguably commands formidability that can throw him off his feet! Such schematic dribble is part of what made him a master strategist and tactician in political combats!
Owelle Rochas Okorocha, the incumbent governor of Imo state is the one in the picture! Befriending an enemy to an enemy is something he knows best to do. It is an area of comparative advantage to the Ogboko born political veteran!
Political events of 2015 in Imo state remain fresh and indelible in the memories of Imolites. The PDP guber primary which saw the emergence of Rt Hon Emeka Ihedioha was shrouded in crises as Senator Araraume who was one of the contenders refused to concede defeat. He claimed that the exercise was fraught with malpractices which robbed him of the chance to emerge the winner.
The entire outcome would embitter Araraume and so Ihedioha lost his cooperation. Then came Okorocha to woe Araraume for his support and defection so as to have a firm grip of Okigwe zone. The plan was indeed so strategic as Araraume upset Ihedioha’s apple cart delivering Okigwe to Okorocha! Ihedioha camp saw a discomfiture out of an inexplicable manoeuvre that remains a puzzle to them till date!
Thenceforth a rapport and comradeship evolved between the winners. Although, what I could see were strange bedfellows.I never shifted ground one bit even when a school of thought favoured Araraume as the next guber flag bearer of APC come 2019. Such favour was not in Okorocha’s imagination for his new found comrade. However, he had to play along to get along and so pretence became a virtue! After all Araraume was yet to fulfill his ministry to which Okorocha called him. Yes, Hon Lady Joy Mbawike and Chief Athan Achonu must go down!
And so it was as Araraume was eventually used to run them down delivering the two elections to APC. Thus Hon Chiji Collins replaced Lady Joy Mbawike and Senator Ben Uwajumogo replaced Chief Athan Achonu alias One arm general. It was ministry well fulfilled!
As I rightly observed, Owelle’s  language thereafter began to change. His preference for the next governor of Imo must not be above fifty years old. But trust Agu Isiebu! He is not one to succumb to mere rhetorics! Hence he chose to maintain an air of deafening silence. A weapon he espouses to his own advantage always while strategising!
As though the fear of Araraume is the beginning of carefulness, Owelle is leaving no stone unturned to avoid being the next victim of Agu Isiebu as the battle line is drawn. Okorocha has realised the potency of his strategy and reverting back to it. Amazingly, this time Lady Joy Mbawike from Araraume’s ward in Isiala Mbano who was frustrated by the duo of Araraume and Okorocha will be useful as an enemy to the comrade turned enemy! Most surprisingly, Lady Joy has taken up the gauntlet for a revenge mission by accepting an offer of commissionership from Okorocha. What this implies is that she has dumped her party the PDP for APC.
Ogu a g’esi ike! The fight shall be a tough one!! Lady Joy must be well equipped to face the Isiebu indomitable gladiator. We must recall that Araraume joined the PDP for the 2015 guber race at the eleventh hour. Yet he was still able to spring a surprise. In fact some quarters believed he won the ticket but was rigged out. So if he could do that, then there is trouble around the APC guber ticket for 2019 despite the precautions in the rescue mission camp.
What I am yet to come to terms with is the rationale behind Lady Joy Mbawile’s decision to join the camp that frustrated her. Is it to recover her losses or to take her own pound of flesh against Araraume? In any case, where is the place of ideology? Ideology demands that whatever you lose in a bid to protect its integrity should be regarded as a sacrifice. As long as I am concerned, it would have been better for her to wait for 2019 and recover her mandate than to defect from the party that stood by her in all her travails. We wait to hear her opinion about the PDP as we heard her opinion about the APC while she was in PDP!
Have you seen why Dr Ikedi Ohakim stands out in leadership? He is not ready for all these unhealthy horse trading! His joining back the PDP from PPA as a governor was a step designed for the interest of the people. He is an ideology-driven politician and hence would not take a step unless it is geared towards the interest of the people. People with such dispositions are those the nation is beckoning for leadership! You cannot use Ikedi Ohakim to fight your enemies. He is too decent and credible for that! Did you know that another school of thought had it that he won the 2015 PDP guber ticket but for the malpractices? Yet he rejected every alliance to queer pitch!!….DIGNITY and NOBILITY in eloquent expression!!!!
Foot soldiers, e-warriors and brief holders should learn lessons from this development. While you are busy castigating a figure for your principal, your principal will go behind you and reconcile with them. Thus they make you look stupid. Learn to be civil and polite. If you are writing or speaking for them, choose your words appropriately! I can remember how the social media space was turned to a war theatre during the Okigwe senatorial and Isiala Mbano state constituency reruns. Imo youths were polarised between the camp of Lady Joy Mbawike and that of Okorocha-supported Hon Chiji Collins from where they were unleashing all manners of arsenals against themselves sustaining wounds and bruises for those who would later betray them. I wish this “reconciliation” would mean a huge lesson!!
On a final note, I wish to bemoan the fact that all these manoeuvres and strategising are capital intensive yet our workers and pensioners are owned arrears of salaries!! Personal interest has been uplifted and exalted above the People’s interests. It is so unfortunate!!! All the money involved in all these scheming, intrigues, manoeuvres and horse trading should have been channelled into better profitable ventures! Can’t our youths be empowered for small and medium enterprises (SMEs).
The battle line is drawn! It s so vivid even to the blind!! Okorocha is not taking any chance in the game whose rules he has mastered. The strategic swipe he unleashes have not been survived by any of his victims! The question now is, Is Agu Isiebu going to be numbered among his victims?
Emma Nzenwa GOC (Engr)
2015 Governorship Candidate, New Nigeria People’s Party (NNPP) and
The Pioneer,
Coalition of Great Imolites(CGI)

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