Dissenters’ Bad Politicking In Imo PDP

By Sir Roy Iwuala, Owerri

Instructively, avoiding a fight is a mark of great honour, and not cowardice. Only fools insist on quarrelling, in spite of the fact that confrontation is not always the best tactic. Thus, the badge of courage doesn’t require that we walk through the path of danger. This is why any person’s view and disposition about the world is what the world will reflect back to that person. For example, the Biblical King Solomon never fought any battle, largely because of his peaceful approach to the world. On the other hand, we can recall the Biblical account of where the Lord Jesus Christ said to Peter, “Put back again thy sword into its place for all they that take the sword shall perish with the sword.”

Given the above, the mouth and nose are too close to be enemies. It is in a situation as this that Martin Luther King Jnr said, “We must learn to live together as brothers or perish together as fools.” Therefore, the dissenters in Imo PDP (that require no introduction) need to ponder over the foregoing food for thought. They look like hostile people living in a kind of hostile world of their own. They need a tutorial on intra-Party dispute, which isn’t a do-or-die affair or a new thing in Imo PDP. It behoves on them to think carefully and seriously because in recent times, their bad politicking or arrogance per se appears to know no limits. Our quest for unity is not a sign of weakness. Unity brings achievement.

Sadly, the story of these dissenters in Imo PDP is very annoying, but I will try to do justice to it using the tactically superior version of “isolate and explode.” For just once, these dissenters need to be matched in the raw, only for the purpose of warning signal.

Before delving deeply, I wish to acknowledge that there’s an inner power, which makes one a winner or loser. The winners are the ones who really listen to the truth in their hearts. Having worked closely with the State Chairman of Imo PDP, Sir Barr Nnamdi Richard Anyaehie, I can proudly vouch for him as a loving man who lives in a loving world. He always advice us to hang fire, notwithstanding the provocations from the dissenters. He believes that what is important in life is to endeavour to give expression to the inner part of oneself, which always say that one can make it without an act of sheer desperation. As a man thinketh in his heart, so is he. This accounts for why Barr Anyaehie who is fully conversant with the reality of power tussle within a political party family attempts to take a cautious approach (spiced with cautious optimism) in dealing with this dissenting group or whatchamacallit?

Truly, Barr Anyaehie faces the dissenters with only smiles. This is why the world smiles back at him as he administers the Party from the imposing edifice of the Party’s long-standing State Secretariat at #47 Okigwe road, Owerri, which really makes the dissenters to be green with envy (in spite of their green cap’s abracadabra). More outstandingly attractive is the Party’s Conference Hall on the second floor of the State Secretariat, which is very remarkable for the catchy photographs of the past State Chairmen hanging conspicuously on the wall. The photographs, which are important paraphernalia of such high Party office, are strikingly beautiful and memorable to behold. Without mincing words, #47 Okigwe road, Owerri is the seat of power of Imo PDP where members are left with the legacies of mementoes that bring back lots of good memories about the Party. Thence, Barr Anyaehie is occupying a pride of place in Imo PDP. We can see why he has an edge over the dissenting group led by Chief Barr Charles Babatunde Ezekwem who is in a fix for choosing to support Okigwe project 2019 instead of the whimsical Aboh Mbaise project 2019 . This is a matter for another time.

Sadly, the dissenting group often tend to dramatize the political power tussle in such a way that they paint a rosy picture of their delusions of grandeur. For example, in attempt to square up with Barr Anyaehie, they dragged him and his State Executive Committee (SEC) to the court of law on 8th March 2017 vide suit no. HOW/151/2017, Barr Charles Ezekwem & 18ors vs Peoples Democratic Party & 11ors. If the dissenting group is authentic in the scheme of Imo PDP, what informed their onerous decision to take the internal Party dispute to the court of law? If they had kept their heads and hearts going in the right direction, why are they worried about their feet? In this circumstance, Martin Luther King Jnr said, “Nothing in all the world is more dangerous than sincere ignorance and conscientious stupidity.”

May I recall that these dissenters wrote to the Inspector General of Police to intervene in an internal Party matter, which they took to the court of law. It was this Police case that exposed their political ignorance and naiveties. These naifs couldn’t rationalize before the State Commissioner of Police who ridiculed them as people that gazed hungrily with wild hungry looks. This is why he that is working towards doom forgets caution.

It’s like the dissenters derive joy from troubles. This may be why they couldn’t consider the gravity of overstepping their limits when they claimed recently to have suspended Barr Anyaehie, Barr Pius Nwoga (State Treasurer), Barr Enyinnaya Onuegbu (State Publicity Secretary), and my humble self who was the only layman in the midst. Such a Press Release bearing the suspension was a carefully orchestrated publicity campaign of misinformation and calumnies packaged with a sense of worthlessness. This so-called suspension, which appeared as the third in the series was completely baseless and the height of folly. One does not back the river when bathing. The dissenters have seen that when the evil plotter beats his drum for the downfall of the innocent, God wouldn’t allow the drum to sound.

At this point, I must state that Barr Anyaehie parades the first eleven political players of Imo PDP that make things happen. They have been tested and proved to have passed the Party’s acid test. For example, Barr Anyaehie who has been a stakeholder in Imo PDP can’t be compared to a taker like Barr Ezekwem. The era of a State Chairman who will be a taker and beggar of vehicles and monies from political Party aspirants is over. Who is Damian Oparah that is struggling with the rules of grammar to contend with Barr Enyinnaya Onuegbu for the office of the State Publicity Secretary? Can Barr Evang Jerry Egemba agree to be a State Legal Adviser where Chief Barr Kevin Ugwu is in contention for it? By the way, who is contending with me for the office of the State Organizing Secretary? I can’t say more until I hear from the person. This random sampling shows that the dissenting group is made up of third eleven political players where there are enviable talents in Imo PDP. No wonder, they think that dramatization of issues is the best way to politick, hence their bad politicking or whatchamacallit?

In conclusion, one may not be able to tailor every situation to suit one’s life, but one can tailor one’s attitudes and responses to fit every situation. Therefore, we can no longer be distracted by the hit-or-miss opportunists or non-starters who lack complete view of intra-Party politics. Now, we are programmed to live above offensive distractions. So, we can’t be provoked. This renewed resolution will enable us to face our real opponents who are in the Douglas House, Owerri. We are poised to overtake Governor Rochas Okorocha’s APC in 2019 by fire and by force since Chief Onyenze Nwa Amobi said in his Igbo Highlife music that, “Overtaking is allowed.”

Therefore, the dissenting group can still go ahead to mesmerize like interfering old busybodies. It is on record that the dissenters took Barr Anyaehie’s SEC to the law court. So, they can continue with their incessant strife and thereby forgo to wear the mark of honour that God has given mankind. Considering that politics is a game of numerical strength, we have no option than to ask the dissenters to return home. The umbrella is very large to accommodate all and sundry. We have no other home in Imo PDP that we can call ours except #47 Okigwe road, Owerri where they will be received with honour. After all, the Biblical prodigal son was honoured when he returned home.



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