I have busied myself since my last article on the party in Imo, thinking and worrying about what would be my fate and the fate of other struggling members of our party if after 2019 we failed again to clinch back entrance into the Imo Dauglas House.

Our party in Imo had never been more divided in history as it is today. Party brothers and sisters have risen against each other with threats, suspension and counter Suspension notices flying around nooks and crannies of our enclaves.

While these are going on, our common enemy is strategizing and perfecting his latest craft to permanently nail our coffins to the dust of time.

Read me; I have credibility and know the meaning of shame. I can’t imagine joining the APC after the many opposition writing and activism against that party, more so the fact that nothing positive has changed in the party. I feel a stinking sensation each time I read that a PDP member has joined the APC. So for this reason, I can’t even imagine myself honouring their invitations now to join them. Many had already did, folks.

APGA is also out of the question. Only alternative left for me now is to try my best to promote true reconciliation and peace amongst waring factions in the Imo PDP, not pouring fuel to the burning flame. And come to think of it, what exactly are we fighting for?

The battle in our Imo branch of PDP seems to be fiacre among two major followership. This is understandable. But we must equally understand that this struggle will do us worse should we allow it to fester till next elections. The blow is that none of the principals we are fighting for today would be able to sustain us all even from comforts they already have.

As for me, I have pledged to try my best to promote peace and unity within the Imo PDP. I had a dream that all the leaders came together and resolved to work together. Today, I am pursuing to see that dream a reality.
What about you?

I have recently consulted some of these leaders. I thank them for giving me audience and talking to me. I am moving a step further with my team to appeal to them in an unbiased approach that they drop their ego heaps which have all the while dragged us backward and work together to deliver our party.

Imagine if Ararume had not left us in 2015! Imagine if there were no mutual suspicions between our candidate and our party leader! Imagine if all had worked as a team in 2015! We won’t go back to Egypt.

Let it be known that no single faction can solely unseat our common enemy. Ndimo look up to us for their real rescue. We must not allow individualism to becloud our senses of collectivity.

As some of us gather and meet in the days ahead in the search for peace in the party, I appeal to all Writers and commentators to shield their swords and stop propelling our leaders against each other.

I am tired of the hunger and problems in Imo as a result of our loss of power in 2011. We must not allow these to continue after 2019. The gods will go angry at us. 🙏🏼

GREG NWADIKE is Greg Nwadike

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